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Post Processor dissapears when saving

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Post Processor dissapears when saving

I edit my post, then save it. When i go to select my post processor, its not in the list anymore. I can find it here: C:\Users\benji\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Fusion 360 CAM\Posts


But when i try to import it, it tells me its invalid.


What is the problem?

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in reply to: benjamintoews

Couple of things;

1) I would not recommend saving it in the Roaming folder, you can save it to a local (and more easily accessed) local folder, such as Documents or even your desktop.

2) It's quite possible that there is an error in the post. Did you make the edits in VS Code and prove out the functions?

3) Consider using Cloud Libraries for your posts. You can turn this on in Preferences, and it give you access to an "Assets" folder that will contain multiple subfolders; machine configs, templates, posts, etc etc

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I did make the changes in the VS code, but I don't know about proving. I have made several changes before and it's worked well but I may have made a mistake this time. It's just a few small changes for the air blow through the spindle.

I want to change to cloud storage but first I want to understand why this happened.

I don’t know why it’s pointing to this location, possibly I changed it from the default, but can you tell me where the default location is?
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in reply to: benjamintoews

For VS Code, we made an addin:


 When used, it will show the results of the code, or an error if there's a mistake in the syntax


Default "local" location is as you've shown it (Roaming, Autodesk etc etc). But, as mentioned earlier, you can save it anywhere you wish, you just have to "link" a library in the post library:


Once you've linked your storage folder, you will then see your post show up on the list (assuming it's valid)

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Ok. So then my question is how do you “link” the folder?

Anytime I save the post in the editor, it disappears from the fusion library. It's still in this folder though when I browse to it.

Does that mean it's invalid.
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in reply to: benjamintoews

See my image above. Go to your Post Library:


 You should see something like this:


(NOTE: "Downloads" and "Forum CPS Files" are folders I've linked, you won't see these exactly).

Right click on "Linked", link a folder. Search to the folder you want and click  "Select Folder".




Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Ok. Looks like it’s a mistake in my editing. When I delete doubtful code, it appears in the library again.

I added air through tool off to the coolant off line and it didn’t like this.

Maybe this isn't the right place, but what is the right way of adding this so it turns the air through tool off at the end of the operation. Coolant off obviously doesn't work for air.

Seems like the square brackets work?

I need to bone up on programming I think.

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in reply to: benjamintoews

Can you share a hand edited version of your g-code, showing what you want to see?

Also, could you share your actual post processor here?


And yes, this is the right place to ask these questions 🙂

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Actually, I think it works now.


This post processor was modified for me by a technician from the company I bought my machine.


Line 178 was the one in question.


I would like it to turn off the the air through the spindle (M12) the same as it does any coolant codes at the tool change. (My machine recognizes M9 to turn off any coolants that are on but not air through spindle.) Maybe you would be kind enough to check my work? There may be a better way. 


The M codes for my machine start on page 67 of the attached file

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