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Post Process won't post?

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Post Process won't post?

Happy NY!

Has anyone else recently (2021) experienced the problem where you select a toolpath, open the Post Process dialog, press Post and nothing happens, no error message, the dialog just closes and does nothing?


This happens with every single CAM operation including all the ones that have posted gcode in the past and one I posted less than 48 hours ago.

I tried restarting, logging out and logging in.. that's not it. 


What could it be? I haven't changed anything since the time it was working.

Thanks All 🙂

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Are you trying to post to the root folder of the drive? example (D:\) with not folder in D? You would need to put it in a folder.

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Interesting, I have always been able to post straight to the root of my SD card.

Thank you, I'll try changing the location to a folder.

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Amazing, changing the location from F: to F:\test solved the problem.

Thank you @johnswetz1982 very helpful!

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This is a known issue when posting to a root drive. There is a ticket open for this and it will be fixed in a future update.

The workarounds are as follows:
1) Use NC Programs to post out your code. Right click on the Setup and "Create NC Program". 

2) Create a subfolder on that drive and post to that, transfer the files over

3) Set destination as a subfolder, but at posting confirmation, select the root. Only one extra click that way

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

I just started having this issue.  Not posting to a root drive.  Tried posting to both a flash drive folder and a local drive folder and the code is still empty

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