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Post Process for UMC - Mirrored tool paths outputs a C180 (sometime after 43598 post)

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Post Process for UMC - Mirrored tool paths outputs a C180 (sometime after 43598 post)

I've been having to use old posts on any mirrored tool paths because the output C180 that spins the part 180deg along with the mirrored tool paths. I use the mirrored tool path for all parts that I have left/right and this definitely doesn't work. 


Nothing I can do to fix it, I found a work around. But would be nice if it could get corrected in future releases. 


Here's the latest post 44066



I found an older post that works, 43598 for NGC that works. 




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Are you also changing cutter direction when you mirror? I've wondered about a better workflow for Climb vs Conventional when mirroring

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Yeah, exactly. Its cumbersome to do for every part I make to have to do but I haven't found a better option either.  

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Are you able to share the f3d file?

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Couldnt get a F3D even with linked components broken. But heres the F3z. 

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