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POST Help : 3-axis Mill/Turn Carver (XZC)

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POST Help : 3-axis Mill/Turn Carver (XZC)

I have a custom-build foam carving machine that requires post.


The spindle move along the X and Z axes


The stock is mounted along the X axis and rotates about this axis (call it, A)


The X,Z and A axis interpolate


There is no coolant or tool changer on this machine. Just a spindle + 3 motors (with limit switches)


Setup uses the MachMotion 2000 Series Controller. From this, I believe Mach3Mill and Mach4Mill posts are accepted, others may also be accepted that I am unaware of.


In Fusion 360 we use the Rotary toolpath included in the Machining Extension


As is, the rotary toolpath creates code along the X, Y, Z, and 'A' axes. I am looking for a way to lock the Y axis from moving.


I am aware of the "XZC mill-turn programming in Fusion 360 CAM" Autodesk Support article. But the POSTs i have explored do not contain options corresponding with this solution.


Can this be solved within Mach3Mill or Mach4Mill Post? Or do I need a different post-processor 


EDIT: I believe a modification must be made to prevent movement of the Y axis in the Mach3Mill post. I will continue to attempt this restriction,  but I am not experienced with postprocessing

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Hello @chibbardY9XV5 


Are you using the latest mach3mill post, with or without a machine simulation file?
Or did you enable the fourth axis support via the post property?
Because the kinematic definition, and the parameters defining the axis will have an influence on the code generated.
Particularly, the tcp setting.

Can you share your data's? (post, eventual machine file, f3d)


You can either share a link to your Fusion file. See:
or you can save an archive (f3d, or f3z) and share it on the forum




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