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Post File for Australian Multicam CNC

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Post File for Australian Multicam CNC

I am chasing a post file to use with my Australian Multicam CNC.

There are a lot of posts about this but they almost always refer to the US Multicam which is completely different to the Australian one.


I have an SR4015V is has a Keramik ES915 routing head, and is using an A2MC controller.

I have tried multiple combinations of different machines and post files but have not got a successful one working.

I have got the machine working through EnRoute so I know the machine is operating correctly.

I have attached the .CNF file that is working correctly in EnRoute for reference (I have uploaded is as a .txt because it wouldn't let me upload a .cnf)


Any help is greatly appreciated as I want to stop using EnRoute asap!


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This is the post that we use. I'm pretty sure it comes from Autodesk and we have the same machines as you (linear Tool Change)post.jpg

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Found the link:


there's a few settings that you need to click so that there are pause-free toolchanges

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