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Positional rotary operations (A-90 A90 etc) on a Haas legacy CHC controller VF3SS

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Positional rotary operations (A-90 A90 etc) on a Haas legacy CHC controller VF3SS

We are using a Haas VF3SS with a legacy CHC controller and an A axis HRT310.


I am trying to figure out the most straight forward way of posting a program from Fusion with an A-90 or A90 on some operations in tilted positional rotary with XYZ movements for cutting while the rotary is clamped on that tilted angle. 


Until now we fiddled with manually changing the rotation of A axis after it has been posted but I was hoping I can enable this feature somehow (perhaps if altering the postprocessor) and then adding a NC Manual code Action code to tilt the rotary at A90 for the next operation, obviously that operation will have a different WCS offset than the rest of the program.


Anyone could point me to the right direction? or tilt me for the shake of this post




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You're going to use Tool Orientation within each toolpath operation to control this, single Work offset origin, and then this will tilt / rotate your axes to the needed position for machining operations


You can also leverage a machine model + rotary model and get usable simulation

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