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Plunge feedrate and feed pre rev change

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Plunge feedrate and feed pre rev change

Does anyone find it frustrating that with the new update, Fusion no longer converts feed per rev to feedrate in the same tab? I also noticed that the two different options are not linked-changing one value does not change the other accordingly.

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in reply to: blakeV7XNC

I hate it, this will affect all my old programs. I'm used to working with feed per rev but when I toggle this in my old programs the feed per rev will increase massively....

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in reply to: blakeV7XNC

Why does Autodesk insist that this is a better way to set up these dialog boxes? removing 2 things doesnt clean it up. It make is annoying to use. Feed per rev for a retract?!! Are you kidding me? Thats so stupid!! Instead of making useful changes and adding things that have been requested for years, they decide on things like this that NO ONE asked for or wants. 
Don't take things away. Only add to functionality.  What was the intent here? Save space? It's 2 rows in a box thats already on the screen. By far one of the dumbest update features yet. SMH


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This was actually a bug that we fixed. 
We had a lot of reports about users setting an IPR value but then having their post convert the feedrate to IPM. In almost all cases you could not choose to post one or the other unless you had knowledge/experience to convert the values in your post processor. 

We fixed the issue for distinguishing between IPM and IPR, and copied a pattern that we have in Turning strategies to choose IPR or IPM when setting cutting rates.

We are aware of the feedback on the change and are currently in discussions on how to address the reported findings. 



Dan Pacific

Product Manager - Fusion 360 Manufacturing

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I'm still seeing the new box. Will the old box be back in a future update? This is incredibly frustrating to not see the feedrate displayed when changing feed/rev

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in reply to: gmdimarzio88

Yes, we will be greatly improving this area, but it's not going to be immediately. There's work to be done, but we've started on it and will release it as soon as we can

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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