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Plasma Cutting Arc Start Delay OpenBuilds Post Processor

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Plasma Cutting Arc Start Delay OpenBuilds Post Processor

After creating the tool path and post process, the GCODE can be seen in Visual Studio. What I'm not seeing is the Arc Start Delay that should, from my understanding, automatically be added to the process. After every M3 command, the very next line reads "G1 Xxx/Yxx" to start the cutting line. This is leading the parts to have missing holes due to an extremely late lead in. I've edited fusion's GRBL code to add a G04 P1. after every M3 line to create this one second pause but is there something I'm missing in the tool creation prior to the post process?

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How long of a dwell do you need, and can you share the post processor that you're using?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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