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Part rotation within a Setup

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Part rotation within a Setup

We have a 3-axis Mill with an external 4th Axis controller. The external controller executes a program step (rotation) and increments to the next on an 'M10' passthrough in the post. Machining is suspended until the rotation has completed.


I need to machine a series of openings in a cylindrical part, each requiring a variable angular rotation defined as lines from the central axis of the cylinder in a sketch. The only way I can find to tell F360 that the part has rotated is in the Setup parameters. Changing the tool orientation in a machining operation doesn't work when the part has rotated, rather than the tool changing orientation.


There's 12 openings so making 12 individual Setups seems a messy workaround. Is there a way to change the part orientation within a Setup to match what the external 4th axis has done?

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When programming a 4th axis (M code based or control integrated, I have both), I set my origin to center of rotation and then use Tool Orientation on each toolpath as needed. I'm not understanding exactly why this can't work for you.. 🤔

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks for the reply. You've made a good point that probably explains why I'm having issues. I tried using a reference point in each Tool Orientation setting that is at the top edge of the cylinder, which although is at a fixed point on the machine, is different relative to the part. Using the cylinder's central axis would be the same for both.


Best solution is to get a simultaneous 4-axis machine........




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