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Part Alignment Post Issues (part to part slight differences in Tilt / Rotate Orientation recquire unneeded edits to work) and Erroneous Stock Collisions

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Part Alignment Post Issues (part to part slight differences in Tilt / Rotate Orientation recquire unneeded edits to work) and Erroneous Stock Collisions



Firstly not able to post my file, and without being able to apply various DPRNT Files / Part Alignments would not show up on another users computer anyways


I'm working with hollow 3D printed parts that can have significant distortion / variation part to part so doing Alignment is a critical step for me as I am inheriting surfaces already created from the printing process


Having a large issue with part to part posting after alignment, basically I get a post error saying any Tool Oriented / Multiaxis optioned toolpath that "Requested pose could not be achieved", and requires turning off then turning back on 5 axis calculation (Shaft & Holder detection, Multiaxis tab options, from 5 axis Deburr to 3 axis) then it will suddenly work. It is extremely frustrating to have to do this between EVERY run part


This is all using properly setup Machine Configurations and latest software updates / Post Processors. I also use my main post processor (NGC Inspect Surface) to drive my machine simulation, which also has the benefit of showing me the specific orientation of the Trunnion during Part Aligned operations & will also fail during simulation generation due to utilizing the post processor


Examples below:


Flow (preview) with Multiaxis options (collision detection) Working with Part Alignment 3



Running this part currently and will show the failure when I load the next Alignment for the next part


Failed exact same operation with similar orients with subsequent part / alignment (not close to exceeding machine limits despite new alignment) Highlighted now Part Alignment 4



Now I'll change the Multiaxis options to Off -> Regenerate -> Turn them back on and I'll get working code




This has to repeat for all my Multiaxis optioned Operations and then I can get working code


This part only happens to have 3 total, so a few minutes, but I have other parts with significantly more (25+) and need to not have to continually part to part change the Options -> Regenerate -> Post working code as it's a huge time waste and clearly a bug


There is also a bug with Drilling on Part Aligned operations showing false collisions with stock, basically depending on how extreme the Alignment adjustment was, it will show X & Y axis movements DURING the drill cycle (slight drifts in X & Y postion) as the machine is drilling, at the control this does not occur, hole is properly placed no X / Y movement during drill



Please address these workflow issues / bugs ASAP

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Bump for visibility, still having to EVERY SINGLE PART ALIGNMENT, turn off then on again any MultiAxis options when doing a Part Alignment or I get failed post processing errors


Incredibly frustrating to necessitate significant recalculation time just to get a part out and then have it happen every time


Please escalate to a CAM ticket and correct this bug

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