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Part alignement - Translations and rotations signs

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Part alignement - Translations and rotations signs



I would like to have confirmation about the signs (+ / - ) of translations and rotations values that needed to be entered in the work coordinate system (WCS) on the machine controller after Part Alignement method.


First, when I use the Part Alignement tool, I always check that the axes system of the model and the WCS are identical.

Then i run the analyze in 5 axis mode, based on probing results to show up the dialog: 



What i understand is : "Fusion computes the X,Y and Z displacements of the probed part to be aligned with the reference part".

So, in my NC controller, because i want to modify my G54 WCS axis and not the probed part, i have to inverse each translation value sign, ie: X-0.054 ; Y+0.320 & Z+0.710.


About the rotation, it remains unclear to me...

The previous assumption would tell that each rotational value has to be reverse too, but when i tried on some simple cases of part alignement, i found that the X, Y and Z rotation could be used directly to modify the WCS values ๐Ÿค”


I supposed that the axis system is based on right-handed coordinates, with positive sign for rotation between the positive x-axis toward the positive y-axis, then y-axis towards z-axis and z-axis towards x-axis?


Maybe @Richard.stubley can help me on this ?



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in reply to: Antoine-L

Hi @Antoine-L,

Out of interest is there any reason not to post out the code form Fusion and let it do all this for you?

You unfortunately can't use rotations in the WCS unless you have your WCS set exactly at the centre point of rotation. But then when you adjust the translations you have now moved the WCS from the centre of rotation so its a bit of a catch 22. The only way to adjust the values like this would be to use a controller function like G68.2 or similar depending on the controller. 

This was why we implemented Part alignment to transform the toolpaths when we post process into NC code rather than adjusting the WCS values. It is a far more robust method in our experience. 

Richard Stubley
Manager - Manufacturing Specialist Team
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in reply to: Richard.stubley

Thanks for your reply,


The reason is that our toolpath is post out in PowerMill and the probing is done in Fusion. We only have a probing post-processor for fusion.

So we have to manually put the TX TY TZ, RX RY & RZ values computed in Fusion in the Gcode program using G54 frame setting, for instance : //$P_UIFR[1]=CTRANS(...):CROT(...).


But as i mentionned in my previous post, i think the correct way to write it should be:


Do you think it's correct ?


As you can see, we work with a Siemens controller (840DSL).



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