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Parametric Vice OP1 and OP2. How to seperate parameters

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Parametric Vice OP1 and OP2. How to seperate parameters

I would like to setup OP1 and an OP2 using the same work holding. I have setup my vice model according to the video I have linked.  I can get the 1st OP setup fine.   When it is time to do the 2nd op, I insert the same vice a 2nd time into the session. My issue is that changing the vice parameters still effects the 1st instance of my vice and not the second.

I need to have individual control over each vice using the parameters. Preferably within the same session.

Parametric Vice 



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If you right-click>insert the vice as a new instance and again break the link, fusion will see it as a separate element and will insert the parameters associated with the new vice as the same names appended with "_1". That way you can individually edit the setup parameters.


Do not do a move/copy because this will be linked to the first instance and you cannot make them independent after the fact.




Steve Ritter
Manufacturing Engineer

Fusion 360
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in reply to: ritste20

Thanks for the reply. 


Im sure that is what I did. I will repeat the steps again and see if I can get different results.

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in reply to: alexb7878




How do we transfer stock?

ViceOP2_Gernadi v3.pngI have a similar issue

I do OP 1 in a vice setup, but for op 2 we need to add soft jaws, flip and turn 90 degree in a 1 vice setup.

In the past you could export as a STL (lousy format) but that was removed when we got the manufacturing setup function that does not work because we cannot import parts into it and I don't want 50 vices in the design files for our machines.


I cannot come up with a way to have the vice, soft jaws, remaining stock transferred to another setup.

Any examples that transfers stock into soft jaws?


How do we flip and turn this into soft jaws?

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in reply to: jagSJMV8

You need to have two models of your vise in the file, positioned correctly and with the appropriate jaw configuration.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Is that how you were thinking, and are you then moving the inverted vice every time??

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in reply to: alexb7878

Assign each vise to the correct Setup and then when you activate the Setup it will only display the correct vise and part orientation for the Setup.

If you want to share your file here, I'm happy to take a look at how far you've made it.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Thanks Seth

I have a mostly functional file now.

We use our CNC for custom and prototype parts for our machines, and time to
one part is the challenge, along with only having 9 available tools in our
Haas TM1P.

We are on average machining 1-2 new part per week so the programming time is
the killer.

I don't really care about machining time or tool wear - but about breakages,
and poor quality

Functionally I have made a transparent bar that I place a part in the center
off, use the Fx commands to adjust stock, and potentially under OP2 vice
adjust vice opening in its Fx setup.


Issues I have not figured out are

1. Automatically form the soft jaws on upload of part - probably not
possible as you don't know the body numbering

2. The offset Z should really be driven by theoretical part height as
used when you choose size of stock (Z direction while machining), so if I
place the machined surface from OP1 on the base we have a 100% definition of
Z in OP2

3. For our toolpaths we are attempting to do a one size fits all and

There are two areas that I hope to be able to do

a. If Z height (in machining setup) is greater than X mm then use tool
A otherwise use tool B (technically our roughing mill is always Tool 3)

b. Ability to program bottom height for a process

i. ex a
hole with subsequent tapping so we use tools correctly and don't break taps
- ie hole is designed 8mm deep, drill/bore tool can only reach 7mm, and tap
should then only go in 6.5mm

We have a tool like this permanent in for spot drill, drill, bore & chamfer
I would like to make a program that is hole top - 8mm or hole bottom
whichever is less, and then to not break the tap afterwards

I will upload the Fz3 file separately

PS - one thing that really is missing in the manufacturing setup is the
ability to import ex a vice only in the manufacturing file as it ruins our
machine designs when we have fixtures and vices in the part files of ex a

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bottom height is already an option



as for models, select the vice in your setup as a fixture, then in the design workspace toggle it's visibility and right click and make it Unselectable. It'll now essentially be gone from your design workspace. 

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in reply to: programming2C78B

I am uncertain if I understand you correct.

What I am chasing is to use the Model Height (Z) in a formula to set the
distance between the 2 vices - that number that for this part i 26.5mm is
calculated somewhere in the system, but I cannot find where it is located

I am aware of the model bottom height setting, but not of any way to write
formulas like


hole bottom is less than hole top -7mm then to hole bottom


to hole top -7mm


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in reply to: jagSJMV8

I don't think you can do conditional equations at the moment, but I would certainly make use of them if they come in one day.  If I missed an update where this became possible, someone let us know please!

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Can you make Variables as driven equations? Then there may be a road map to doing so. Otherwise, I think you're just looking for too much automation for low qty items. It takes about 20 seconds to prove a 2nd Z height. 

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in reply to: programming2C78B

I think your are right

I have inserted an input function to add the height of part

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