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Parameters in the Manufacturing workspace

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Parameters in the Manufacturing workspace

Is there a way to implement Parameters into the Manufacturing workspace, like in the Design workspace?

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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

Hi -


This isn't something that's available now, but we are considering it.

Can you describe what you're looking to do?




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in reply to: jeff.pek

I was thinking using parameters for things like overcut depths, stock to leave, cut depths, etc.

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I would like to carry parameters over from the design workspace into the MFG workspace as well.

This can be very valuable in making parametric parts for various families of tooling and jigs etc.

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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

I would also like to be able to use parameters in the Manufacturing workspace.  I've designed a part that has multiple pockets located around the perimeter of a cylinder.  The number of pockets is an adjustable parameter for the solid model. In the manufacturing workspace I've set up a 2D adaptive and a 2D contour operation for roughing & finishing a single pocket. What I'd like to be able to do is add these operations to a circular pattern and link the number of instances back to the same parameter used in the Design workspace that specifies how many pockets the part will have. 

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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

@jeff.pek , I'd like to ping this topic again. I was just trying to set the distance between parts in a pattern folder using a parameter from the design environment. In this case I would only be changing the value in one location, but there is still a lot of value in having values in the parameters window. In more complicated parts searching through the browser for that one thing you need to change can be tedious. <- That is what makes parameters so nice in design!

Screenshot 2020-12-09 111934.jpg









I agree with the other suggestions in this post as well, parameters that span design & manufacturing work spaces would be a really nice tool.

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I will add to this. I am trying to do inlay work and it would be really nice to have a parameter set up for the depth of the inlay. Several toolpaths need that when setting top and  bottom values in the heights tab and if I decide I want to make the inlay 0.1" deeper I have to change a whole lot of settings.

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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

This has been on the request table for a looooong time. Keep them wheels squeaking! 🙂

Neal Stein

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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

Adding my voice in favor of this.  I'm dealing with a part that uses an extent-driven 2-dimensional rectangular pattern in the design workspace.  The number of instances is fixed, but the extent is calculated from parameters controlling the part size.  Manually selecting all the contours in manufacturing would take forever... so I'm using a pattern there, too.  It seems very weird that I have to use the inspect tool to measure my pattern spacing, then manually enter that number in the manufacturing pattern dialog.  Just using the same formula as the design would be much simpler...

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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

It will be very useful and quick to change certain dimensions, quicker than via compare and edit

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in reply to: Anonymous

The fact that i found this thread is due to the fact is was exploring the options for this feature.


It would be a very helpful feature to speed up the CAM process for my workflow. There are default cutting parameters available, seems like an easy step to add the parameters of the design environment to this list?

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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

We all really need this feature! I'm making a set of 7 parts from a 28" strip of material, it would be super useful to be able to automatically generate patterns based on the number of parts I can fit in a strip.

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This isn't something that's available now, but we are considering it.

Can you describe what you're looking to do?


Very easy,  just allow the user to create a named scalar values list  

Use the words rather than numbers

Design has parameters I need them in CNC

like we had in the old days of blueprints, pencils, punched cards and

Fortran / APT  (only had 8 character names)   

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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

This would be a really great feature. Please add it! Thanks.

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I could have used it today, instead used the phone calculator, it does by voice now.
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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

Another vote for this feature. 


Could make use of this feature for sheet goods.  Thickness of the material is adjust in the model space via parameter but I can't transfer this parameter to sheet material modeled in the manufacture model.  

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in reply to: Ghostrunner713

Another vote.


I'd like to define a parameter for fitting holes. I'd use it in "Stock to Leave" to gradually shave off stock until I get the fit I want.


Parameterizing this value and keeping it in a central location (i.e. a parameters window) keeps my CAM clean. Otherwise the value is buried deep in the operation, where I'll forget/lose it.



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I'd be already happy, if I could use a parameter within manufacturing space.

I'd use it to use the same pattern distance in case of two-sided milling.

You can guess how often it happens that users only adapt one of the parameters...



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in reply to: autodeskUAF5A

We'll see parameters at some point, it's something a lot of people have requested and something we want to get into the product. However, it's slightly more than a simple task....

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

We believe in you! You can do it! (... by next month... please???) Lol. This would improve our workflows a lot.

In the latest update you have made the chain and pocket selection easier, however if we want an extension on an open chain in a 2D contour we have to open a separate menu for each chain. This can take ages if there are a lot of chains and I've also missed some. A design parameter (for the whole design), or manufacturing model or setup parameter, for this rather than just the current user and system parameters might be a quick fix.

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