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Parameter flag in Post Processor not sure why

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Parameter flag in Post Processor not sure why

Hello I have an attached file that yesterday was fine. This morning I wanted to change the thickness of the two rectangles width dimensions. I did and received parameter flag in post processor. I couldn't figure it out so I did an edit again and brought back the dims to originally what I had and I'm still getting flagged in post processor. 

What am I doing wrong?


Thank you for your input and advise.



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in reply to: litodrums

Hello I realize. this must be Fusion 360 101 and yes I'm always learning about this program. This forum. has been very helpful and I appreciate it very much. I enclosing the first 17 lines of the .nc code to offer more information.

Thank you


(Brians Crown Insert)
(T1 D=0.25 CR=0.125 - ZMIN=-0.4246 - ball end mill)
G90 G94
(When using Fusion 360 for Personal Use, the feedrate of)
(rapid moves is reduced to match the feedrate of cutting)
(moves, which can increase machining time. Unrestricted rapid)
(moves are available with a Fusion 360 Subscription.)
G28 G91 Z0

(Parallel1 Brians Crown)
S5000 M3
G17 G90 G94

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in reply to: litodrums


what exactly are you calling "parameter flag"?

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in reply to: DarthBane55

Thank you. I have attached a file in my initial posting showing that after I create my post processor code there is a yellow triangle symbol just stating "Parameter". When I click on that yellow triangle it should give me an explanation but there's no explanation. I hope this helps. Thank you

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in reply to: litodrums

Ok, so now I loaded your file, and I get the same.  I thought it would maybe have been related to the personal license, but I have commercial and get the same thing.  There is no explanation in the log.  Hopefully someone else can answer exactly what this is about, sorry, I can't 😞



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in reply to: DarthBane55

Ok thank you for taking the time to look it over. Maybe someone else can explain this. Thank you very much.

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Hello, @litodrums .
Does this warning appear before post processing NC program, or after?

Do you use Mac, or Windows?

Thank you!

Viacheslav Shapilov
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network

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Thank you using Mac platform.

If I understand your question it only show after I perform post process. The design does not show and errors.

I uploaded the file in my initial posting in this thread

Thank you

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in reply to: litodrums

Thank you I have the decision to redraw this project again. I still do not have an explanation why this happened.

Thank you 

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