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Parallel Toolpath Not Machining Everything

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Parallel Toolpath Not Machining Everything

So I am machining a part that has a 1/2 inch radius though the center of the part. I do not have a 1" carbide ball nose end mill (D2 Tool Steel is what i'm cutting) so I am using a 16mm carbide ball nose (.06295") and I have the parallel toolpath to finish the surface. The radius comes out .02" small across pocket after running the part but the Z dimensions is nuts on. The model is correct, the tool offsets in the machine have been checked and are correct. what am I missing? I am going to try the scallop tool path and see if that's any different. What's weird is the part also has 63 degree slops on either side and they cam out within spec with the same tool. Any help would be appreciated. 

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I'd start by turning the toolpath 90 degrees, it's going to be easier on the tool:


Rather than Parallel, I'd suggest the Flow toolpath:



What is the width of the top supposed to be, and what are you actually getting? How are you measuring it?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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