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Parallel toolpath in a pocket

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Parallel toolpath in a pocket



I sometimes have to make simple ramps from plywood and I have found parallel toolpath along the ramp with a flat endmill gives me good results. I would like to extend the parallel toolpath tangentially along the ramp to make sure it doesnt leave cusps where it changes direction, but I havent been able to do that. Also I need the ends of the ramp to start and stop at precise locations but the parallel toolpath starts somewhere close and usually ends when there is no room left for a complete stepover. I would like something like a 2d contour with open contour and start and stop extension and roughing passes, but that doesnt work with my setup on  a 3 axis machine.


I tried a flow toolpath as well but it has similar problems with start and end locations. Included is a file and picture with highlighed surfaces I want to machine.


EDIT; Morph toolpath seems to work ok, but I still cannot do the tangential extension of toolpath. As a workaround I modeled the part larger in x and z direction and offset my origin accordingly.

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For 3d milling, I often resort to making some surfaces.  Really simple, and then you can hide the surface body and your base model is intact.  See attached.  I had to change the top height too because it was top of stock, which was limiting the top, and with my exaggerated surface it would not do to the very top.

For your perfect start point, I don't know where you want to start from, so I didn't play with that.


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The fastest way to do this in the design workspace in go Surface - Offset - 0.00. Then, Offset the lines you want again on the newly created "body" (it will be a single line thick "face", but in the Bodies folder) of about 50-60% of your tool diameter. 

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Thanks for this, I got it working now.


I solved the stepover problem by just calculating the precise value:


(ramp width-tool diameter)/n number of stepovers




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