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Output linearized moved when G68 is active

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Output linearized moved when G68 is active

I use G68 a lot to compensate for parts being loaded at odd angles, or when I'm lazy and don't want to tram in a vise...


A downside of using G68 is that you can't use plane changes G17/18/19, which happens a lot when you leave in the default vertical lead radius.


Is there a way to force code to be output in linear XYZ moves as opposed to arcs when G68 is active?  I had my old post (on an old computer that is no longer accessible) configured to always output linear moves which worked but I wonder if that can be done only when necessary?

If not how can I make my current post output all linear moves?


(For a Haas VF CHC)

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Hi @Eric_Evans_a_GiroDisc_com 

you could just do something like this while post processing 



But there are other ways to do this like creating a custom property and use it while post processing.
The above solution should work fine if you don't need any post modification

Boopathi Sivakumar
Senior Technology Consultant

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