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Optimize 3axis lathe (Only til C-axis)

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Optimize 3axis lathe (Only til C-axis)

Hello everyone


Im on the lockout for any tutorial videos which shows me how i can optimize the use of C-axis in a lathe. I find my self often reinventing the fire when im having a product which i want to make in a 3-axis lathe.. (Iknow that is a part of being an cnc operator) 

Do anyone have any knowlegde about were i can find any good videos which show all the functions were you only need the use of an C axis to mill?

I will glady watch old webinars 🙂

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I'm not aware of any tutorials that deal with only -C- axis lathes. In general, Templates are going to be your best route to painless workflows. As you're aware, C axis only is rather limiting on what you can machine...

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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