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Optimising arrange feature

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Optimising arrange feature

I would like to use the arrange feature to nest 3D objects into irregular shapes (mostly quadrangles) though it seems its only able to nest into rectangles. Would more complex envelopes be possible in the future?
Also I've been nesting my objects manually for the past year or so I've needed this feature but not known about it and I've just been experimenting with it and it seems its no where near as good at nesting as I am (I may spend like 5-10minutes nesting) and of course arrange will do it instantly, though will there be an option to allow it think longer to create a more optimised solution? using more rotations, kinda like a regular nesting script?

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Hi, did you try this feature?



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in reply to: StefansB

I have now and thats not what I need, I dont need parts above eachother, and all my parts should be on the same plane. the 2D solver is more suitable for what I need.
I can use the 3D solver for what I'm doing but it returns a similar level of quality back as the 2D solver but takes longer.

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