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operations mirror

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operations mirror

I lay out  6 parts on a 4ft by 4ft 1.5 in board. I use pocket, drill, 3d contour, and 2d contour.

I then mirror board to get other sides of parts.

question is can I also mirror operations? Meaning after parts are mirrored can i have all operations work on new orientation?

thanks JR

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in reply to: conjured2018

Could you clarify something... you say after doing some operations, you mirror the board to do the other side.  Do you mean you flip the actual board over to finish the parts?  Flipping over and mirroring are not the same thing, unless your parts are only 2d shapes, then I guess it has the same effect.

Couldn't you rotate the part on the screen upside down, copy your setup over, and flip the Z axis in the setup?  Then your operations are already there, just need to regen I think.

But yes, you can mirror operations, you right click on them, choose "add to new pattern" or something like that, and choose mirror pattern.  But be aware that conventional milling will then become climb milling and vice-versa.  To avoid this I copy the toolpath before mirroring, and change the cut to opposite of what I want, then I mirror it.  Then you get a matching path to the original.

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