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Once again everything is screwed uo

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Once again everything is screwed uo

Thank you fusion 360 for making my machine rapid through a 4000 dollar casting bc an operation I’ve been using successfully for almost 3 years decides to change the setting on its own.

There needs to be some accountability for this scrap and if anyone says in bitching screw you too.

This is the same exact operation I use across all of my brass casting work a counter wrap chamfer but instead on doing the top contour it decides what the hell I’ll just drop down 4 inches to another contour that is impossible to machine.

can someone please tell me why I’m having these fuc? Ing problems?

I am absolutely sick of this crap. If this crap was free would be one thing but paying as much as I do,no different than any of you, and to have setting change in tool paths by themselves is a freaking joke.

are whole going to pay for the casting and having haad come out to get my spindle back trammel?

that’s a serious question by the way. 
y’all do these stupid updates that screw up people’s hard work and nothing Happens. I would like to speak to the owner and find out what he would say.

Does fusion want to be part of a class action?

this is inexcusable 

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@slaughlin79 I have asked our engineering team to connect here but if you are a paying customer I strongly encourage you to use our support team to escalate any issues you are facing. Support is included in the commercial license that you are paying for. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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in reply to: slaughlin79

@slaughlin79  I am sorry to hear this, I can only begin to imagine the frustration of scrapping a part like this.   It has been a while since I worked on the shop floor making parts, however, I vividly remember 20+ years ago,  rapiding a  drill through a part.  Events like this are impactful, to say the least.   


Whether you are a free user or not, the quality of the solution matters to us. 


If you are willing, I'd like to call you and better understand what happened.   What's the best way of getting a hold of you?  


I will be at our user conference next week (Autodesk University)   That said, I am sure we can still find a time to connect.      


My E-mail is Al Dot Whatmough at   or you can DM me on the forums here I will give you my cell number.





AL Whatmough
Director Product Management - Manufacturing

Note, I love to engage on the forums. However, I spend a lot of time in meetings trying to help clear the path for our amazing team of Developers working on Manufacturing at Autodesk. So, if I don't respond immediately, it's not that I don't care.
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I know your pissed but more info on what toolpath /what it did would be great. The rest of us shop owners would like to know what to watch for as well. Nothing gets a guy more than when you really start to trust a program and then it bites you. 

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in reply to: slaughlin79

As @CRANDALLPRECISION mentioned, what exactly was changed that affected your toolpath so dramatically? Pretty unfair to completely blame the software.. wasn't the toolpath verified BEFORE sending it to the machine? We have all has instances where Fusion has changed some of our defaults but this could/would have been avoided if the programmer saw this when simulating, especially if the tool went to the complete wrong side of the part. "Paying as much as you do" If you are unhappy with Fusion, go research some other options available and expect to pay MANY thousands more than you are now. Fusion is an affordable option with a few imperfections but once again, they put tools in place to catch these type of things BEFORE the code is generated and sent to your machine. 

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