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On the same process the machine time is different

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On the same process the machine time is different

How to know which machining time is correct? On the same model it show different times, but I haven't change anything, but in four windows it shows different time.


The simulation statistics show (0:02:08)

The machining time show (0:02:04)

The setup sheet show (0:03:50)

The setup sheet show (0:01:33)


I need +- accurate time for calculations.


So how do I know witch time is correct.

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I find the Machining Time to be the most accurate, in that it offers the ability to scale the actual result. For example, I've set my Mori to be at a factor of 81% and the Machining Time and actual on-machine time are within a minute of each other (on 1 hour cycle times).

Truthfully, this isn't something we've invested a great deal of time in, as there are many external factors that play into this value.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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