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Okuma Rotary Rewind

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Okuma Rotary Rewind

I've tried all of the current forum suggestions to stop B axis rewinding.


I have a horizontal Okuma MA500HB with OSP-P100. I've been running it a few years as is, but now I need to stop the axis rewinding to zero before moving to the next rotary position. So much wasted time.


The machine doesn't care about axis limits. It just needs to know the position to got to with a direction command for shortest path. It's a 1 deg table so 0-360. I've tried all of the machine config settings. I've tried using the current post and following all post example settings.


I'm stumped.


I'm using a seperate coordinate system for each CAM setup. Maybe Fusion can't cope with that. Our fixturing is custom, extensive and the machine is old, so we don't just program around centre.


Any help is appreciated.

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Can you give us a sample Fusion file? And your post?

Much easier to actually see what is triggering the B rewind that way.

Laurens Wijnschenk

AutoDesk CAM user & Post editor.
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