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Okuma Genos M560-V (Probe cycle flipping Z axis)

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Okuma Genos M560-V (Probe cycle flipping Z axis)

Hello all. I have two probing cycles to set up a basic decking of a square block. The first probing cycle is a standard X,Y boss cycle, this cycle is labeled WCS2. The second probing cycle is a standard Z surface cycle that probes dead center of the block and the top surface of the block, this cycle is labeled WCS3. I am having the issue of my Z axis offset in the controller being waaaay off. The tools I am using are a little over 7" above the part when they should really be removing 0.005" of material. The tools have been in the machine for 2 years and the tool length offsets have not been changed. The X&Y offset are dead on and the toolpaths are inline there. The machine knows where the probe is in the Z axis and runs through those cycles great. But why are the rest of my tools now way above the part? Also I tried a manual cycle of probing, but it appears that the macro for my renishaw probe has been changed, no matter what offset number I probe all of my tools are way off in the Z axis. Did the fusion probing cycles make a change to my probing macro? All help is greatly appreciated, I am dead stop now until I figure this out. The machine is a Okuma Genos M560-v. The controller is a OSP-300M. The machine year is 2014.

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It almost sounds like your variable number where the probe length offset is stored has been overwritten. 



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leo.castellon, thank you very much for the information and that makes the most sense to me. I am not terribly familiar with Okuma controllers. I am used to running HAAS and FAGOR controllers. I will attempt this fix and report back if this is the solution. Thank you again for the information!

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