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Okuma 4th Axis, rotary 'onRewindMachine' post error

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Okuma 4th Axis, rotary 'onRewindMachine' post error

I have an Okuma M560 and have been using a post processor with 4th axis capabilities for positional 4th axis work for a couple of years. Today I tried a rotary tool path that moves from left to right as the rotary turns and got this error:


Rewind of machine is required for simultaneous multi-axis toolpath and has been disabled.
I searched and found code that someone listed to add to my post processor to enable rewind of machine but got the following error:
Error: Failed to invoke function 'onRewindMachine'.
Error: Failed to invoke 'onRewindMachine' in the post configuration.
Next I found  a newer post in the post library and tried that. However it failed on the machine with the following error:
2253 alarm-b data word: axis command FFC8F380
After a google search I found the following:
Okuma Alarm-B 2253 Mistake in angle command
In the G00, G01, G02, G03, G34 or G35 sequence, an A command is designated both with X and Z commands.
The target point calculated from the angle does not fall within a range of -99999.999 and 99999.999.
I have added a code for a tool change  macro and a few other simple edits in Fusion but I dont know what else to try here. Can anyone help me with either adding the right code to my existing processor or modifying the newer version in the Post Library so that it will work? 
Rotary wraps around X axis.
I have attached the  newer post I am using.

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