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Odd errors in set up when im on my shop wifi vs wired connection

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Odd errors in set up when im on my shop wifi vs wired connection

Check out this weird error. 


It was driving me insane so i finally got up left the shop with the computer and went inside the house. 


Internet disconnected and re connected and this error goes away. 


But when i go back to the shop and connect to that wifi the error comes back. 


Fusion is so weird sometimes. I just want it to work so i can make parts. 


no im not uploading the file. 



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So you're saying the error does not exist when on your home Wi-Fi, but when you connect to the shop network the error presents itself??


How solid/stable is your connection in the shop, and is it a separate network than what you have in the house?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hey Seth, 

I'm not having the problem today at all. 


Its a pretty stable connection. i have 5G in the house, just regular wifi in the shop. ( 3G?) 

It is having this issue with NC programs i copied and re selected different toolpath folders on. 

--( different part family, one or two different features ) -- 

this is todays speeds:

17 ms
108.26 Mb/s
117.45 Mb/s


but no matter what i do as soon as i connect to a faster router everything goes green with no errors. 


I did notice it acts twice as bad if i dont activate the same setup as what i am trying post. That fixed it about half the time. 

Shop wifi is the same serivice as the house. but not as fast.  House has a nice 5G Netgear router. shop has a cheaper netgear router. ( i do have the shop router hard wired to the house, i'm not networking them wirelessly) 


I'm getting another ethernet cable for the shop so i can just go wired and see if the error finally goes away completely.


It honestly doesnt make any sense, i dont know why the internet connection messes it up. but i dont know what goes on in the background with fusion. i tried working offline for a while to see if it would act better but no luck there. 


But if i have the problem, i go inside to the better wifi and boom, its fine.  


Ethernet cable might solve the issue. Comes in amazon today. 


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