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OD Turning Tool Approach Causes Interferene With Tailstock

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OD Turning Tool Approach Causes Interferene With Tailstock

Having an issue when using a tailstock to support a long slender part for OD profiling on a Doosan Lynx 2100LB. 


After center drilling the part, the turret moves to the home position, indexes to the next tool and the tailstock engages the end of the part.  The issue comes when the turret is commanded to approach the part.  The post is placing the X & Z G0 move on the same line of code which will cause the turret to move in both X & Z simultaneously and hit the side of the tailstock. 


I have been using the Fanuc Turning post and have made simple modifications to add M codes for the tailstock, parts catcher and I uncommented a line of code to set the Q value to be an integer for a drill cycle.


I have tried using the Doosan Mill/Turn post but get an error with the B axis angle the post places in the program since I'm using a 2 axis lathe.  Looking at the code output from this post for the toolpath I'm programming, the approach move is a G0 Z move on one line followed by the G0 X move on the next line.  This is the path I want the turret to take when approaching a part with the tailstock engaged.


Does anyone have a solution for modifying either the Fanuc post to correct the G0 approach, a modification to the Doosan Mill/Turn post that enables it to work with a 2 axis machine or is there something I am missing with Fusion when I setup my toolpath?


Attached the fusion file and Fanuc Turning Post w/ modifications mentioned above.


Machine:  Doosan Lynx 2100LB

Control:  Fanuc 0i-Plus

Post Processor: Fanuc Turning Version 43591(Modified)

Fusion 360 Version:  2.0.12392

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Hmmm, not sure what you are asking for here, from what I can see the X and Z axes rapid from the Home position to the X and Z Clearance positions which should not be hitting the tailstock. You may need to increase your X axis Clearance for your Roughing and Finishing operations.

It does move in the Z axis first from the Clearance position before moving in the X to start cutting so I am not sure what is happening at your lathe, if the Z Clearance position is fouling the tailstock then either the tailstock quill is not extended enough and/or your tool is not far enough out of the turret, either way something is not set right for your turret/tailstock clearance.

The X and Z axis moves look to be correct to me 🙂 🙂

Link to a short Screencast that may help is here :-

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