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I am reaching out to inquire a specific functionality within Fusion 360 CAM environment. I am currently operating a VF 4SS Haas machine, equipped with a Renishaw probing tool. My setup includes two vices on the table, each holding two workpieces.


My goal is to establish 4 separate work offsets (or same work offset G54 for each piece if it works), one for each piece, and to probe all of them first automatically using the override probing option without manual intervention and than machine all pieces based on the tool order . I know I need a fix point for ex. G59 to probe it before operation, somewhere on the vise that never moves as reference for the probing tool to move from and update the 4 offsets. Should I set in the ,,Set up’’  WCS offset the command for ,,Multiple WCS offsets’’?  I have searched for guidance on this matter, including Autodesk resources and tutorials on YouTube, but have only found instructions for setups involving one piece at a time.


Could you please provide me with detailed information or direct me to resources that explain how to set up and probe multiple workpieces with individual work offsets automatically in Fusion 360?


Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your time and assistance.

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The most common ways I typically see to do this is either using multiple setups to do all of your probing and then posting all of them along with your cutting setups via NC Programs. Or grouping ones with a common driving WCS and adding probing via folders with a WCS override being used on the folder.

As I think the multiple setups option is more straight forward....i've included a basic file showing the folder override being used. In that example there is 3 setups total (but it could be condensed down to 2).

-Setup 1: is all the probing, this setup is set to G54 in the setup and the first part probed just as you would a single part using G59 as our WCS driving the probe with updates writing back to G54. The second parts probing is in a folder and the WCS of that folder is set to G55, then also has G59 which allows the probe to drive from the same location as the first part but update the location of the folder this probing is in.
-Setup 2 and Setup 3 in the example file are just place holder setups for cutting paths for each part.


There is a number of ways to accomplish what you are after but without knowing more specifics its difficult to know which would be the most elegant solution.


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