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Nibbling Material Out of Eternal Corners Prior To 2D Contour

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Nibbling Material Out of Eternal Corners Prior To 2D Contour

Hello, Again,


I suspect that this is something simple but I just can't work out how to do it.


I have a some stock that looks like this:


I want to nibble this material off these corner bits, before running a 2D contour, so that I don't have to do lots of stepovers in the 2D contour.  I have tried doing a 2D Adaptive, first (which has worked on other models) but I still get a lot of air cutting (leading to an excessively time-consuming tool path) and the adaptive still seems to cut right through the material, leaving little chunks to fall off (see picture below), rather than nibbling these bits away from the outside, if you see what I mean.



I have attached my Fusion file.


I can't help thinking that this is actually very simple and I'm just being a bit dim, so I would be grateful for any advice.


Thank you,



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2D Adaptive isn't stock aware so it doesn't "see" those outer corners, the rest machining option is really only useful for internal corners anyway.


Better option is to use 3d adaptive as it actually looks at what stock is there and will only machine that.

To contain it to outside the part I make a sketch with a rectangle much larger than the part and I also Projected the body to the sketch to get the outline.

The adaptive now only looks to machine between those to sketch boundaries

Also turning on "Reduce air cutting" give you some sime savings here.


See attached

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Thank you very much for your reply.


I got around my problem, in the end, by just selecting the corners and doing a 2D adaptive on each one but I shall now try your method, as that looks more efficient.


Thank you, again.



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