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New to Mitsubishi control, Need help with G5P10000 in post

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New to Mitsubishi control, Need help with G5P10000 in post

Hello everyone.


I am new to the Mitsubishi control, and I need help creating a post processor for it. We have 2 new to us Kitamura horizontals with their "Arumatik" control.


The Arumatik control looks just like a Fanuc control, all the buttons and options are in the same places. However its completely Mitsubishi running in the background. This means all the parameters are different and you can get to the Mitsubishi displays with a few button pushes.


Kitamura did a decent job at making most of the functions run the same on these machines as their Fanuc machines.


However high feed / accuracy mode was not one of them. I emailed the service people at Kitamura and they told me to use "G5P10000" after the G43 line to turn it on and "G5P0" to turn it off before a tool change.


I've never used G5P10000 before, I'm use to G05.1 Q1 and G05.1 Q0, and G187 for Haas.


I assume the "G5P1" turns it on and the four zeros after it are the accuracy settings? I looked around online for a bit and couldn't find consistent information. I also downloaded a few posts from the post library and couldn't seem to find one that uses these codes.


Does anyone know how to use these codes properly and/or how to set it up in a post processor?


Any info helps.





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in reply to: bpetersen9BTH4

I found a Mitsubishi manual on this link 


Take a look at page 238.


There are several mode for the G5 with detailed description.


I can edit your post for you as a service. Instruction from the service team are pretty clear.


DM me if you need a help.

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Thanks for that manual, there's a lot of useful info in it.


I've read through a bit of it and I'm pretty sure I understand how to turn on and off the different modes. I now need to figure out a way to have this done correctly in a post processor.


I just realized that there's a post processor forum which I didn't know about. I will direct my questions over on that forum. 


Thanks again

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