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New Template Library

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New Template Library

I don't see any call for feedback on the new Template Library so I'm posting here my thoughts on it, should anyone find my two cents useful.

The good:
- fresh new look

The bad/wish list:
- fewer template's available in one click - on my 4K display I had a list of templates going from top to bottom of the screeen, now the list of templates available without accessing the dedicated dialog is reduced to 8

- those are the 8 last used and not the 8 most used or the 8 more likely to be useful in the context, so there is 0 smarts about that list
- I open the dedicated template library UI and I find an empty list - why not default to one that is defined on my sistem. Chances are I have only one. If I have more, pick one: the last updated, the larges one, the one on cloud or ask me on first one which one I prefer
- if you want to be smart about it, link the default template lib to setup's machine (if one is configured) so that I load the templates with the tools available on that machine

- I have lots of templates for precision holes (spot drill + drill + reaming), tapping, countersinks ... let me group them in a folder (already possible) but then also reflect that in the UI, creating two/multi-level menus, either fully expanded (old style) or limited to a list of last/most used


- if you give me an Edit option for a template, let that be an option to edit the actual template, not just its name/description, or else rename that menu option
- when saving templates, let me define new name or pick existing template to update (don't count on me being aboe to remember the exact name of the template I want to update)
- when choosing library in which to save a template, show me the chosen folder too ( Cloud\Test instead of just Test )
- nested templates - let me use templates inside templates, like a spot drilling template inside a reamer template and inside a tapping template, that way I can update them all with one edit of the basic feature.
- in the template library's info box show me also the list of tools used for each operation in the template

So, basically there's room for improvement here. But one quick improvement could be to just make the "Create from template" menu multi-level reflecting the folder structure that can already be created under Assets -> Cam Templates. Then you have time to think about other clever things around it...

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in reply to: ltomuta

Thanks for the super feedback!


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in reply to: ltomuta

Probably something for the long run but with templates would be nice to be able to provide a list of "must fill" fields for making sure that a template is used again as intended. For example a template may work if in one of its operations I don't set a predrill point, but the result may not be the intended one.

If the template definition would include a list of must fill fields these could be pre-populated with invalid values (e.g. NaN) and I would have to set proper values for it to work.

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in reply to: ltomuta

Same as for the Tool Library, when starting the Template Library the default field should be the Search one so that I can immediately start typing my search criteria.

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in reply to: ltomuta

Good suggestions to all above! +1

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in reply to: ltomuta

I've been editing a lot of templates lately, struggling to save them as updates of existing versions.

Only days after the new release I've learned from the "what's new" video that there is a way to select an existing template to update.

This means that the option is not obvious/discoverable and thus it is poorly designed.

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in reply to: ltomuta

I just deleted by mistake a bunch of templates and I can't find a way to get them back. Nice!


When the template libraries ists nested directories from the top level it should do so as the tools library does, grouping the items and separating them with heades that mark their location.

Now I've seen a template at root level and I though it is a copy of the template I just "moved" in a new sub-folder. Only that I ended up deleting the actual template, which had no copy in the root directoty, was just listed there...
Yes, there is a location column, but that's "non-standard" and requires parsing of its contents.

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in reply to: ltomuta

this is quite an old post, but I think the ideas from the author are really good and if the templates selected from the tree behaved the way he saw them in the picture, it would be really cool. A person would save so much unnecessary clicking when programming...

I would like to revive this post again because there is really a lot of room for improvement in the templates,

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