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new tangential extension "woe"/improvement ideas

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new tangential extension "woe"/improvement ideas

One of the things we used to do with the old system was lump together contours that all used the same T extension length. I understand how now I can merge 2+ contours with unique and separate extension lengths inside ONE operation, but what do I do now when I have 2+ selections that need the SAME extension modifier? It's getting a bit silly having to click the gear on every contour. Really sucks when you're doing it for clearance and need to try multiple lengths. 

My suggestion is to put a textbox with the amount of modification to the left of the gear icon and it can have the asterisks of being a value that applies to BOTH ends, and then use the gear if they are unique on start/end.

Other idea would be able to tie some of the contours together and share an extension length. 

I ALSO think that the chain popup should be anchored to the contour window by default, or we fix the year old issue of fusion not remembering window positions after a restart. 

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We've got a bunch of ongoing work revolving around the new Geometry Features, so hopefully, in time, this becomes a more pleasant experience for all users 🙂

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I just had a "good' idea this morning.

What if the 2 white dots of the contour could be dragged and graphically controlled for their extension length? Similar function to how you can drag the arrow when using an Extrude command. It would be very handy for situations like this where there is no ref. dimension but you dont want to do a sketch.

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Quite a few years ago, I used to use Gibbs for programming and dragging the endpoints of the machining contour was something that was possible with Gibbs. 



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Ever since I read this, I wish it was a reality!
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