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New mazak post, how to reverse rotary 4th axis?

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New mazak post, how to reverse rotary 4th axis?

Small issue here. I've got a part that'll need a continuous/live rotary motion, and I've only ever indexed on this machine before. 

Seems the Mazak w/rotary post is obsolete, and it's what I was normally using. The new post gives no menu options for inversing the rotary on the table, and I can't seem to get it to spit out the right code. I've tried editing the post itself, and it still seems to be backwards. I generally don't use machine setup/sim and just select the post. 

Machine's a 510c-II, Mazak Nexus control.  


Below is the bit of code I've edited:

  if (false) { // note: setup your machine here
    var aAxis = createAxis({coordinate:0, table:true, axis:[-1, 0, 0], range:[-360, 360], preference:1, tcp:useTCP});
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in reply to: programming2LQMT9

open the post and search for 'reverse' or 'mirror' and find the corresponding code to change 'false' to 'true.' This is what the dialog boxes are actually doing when you check or uncheck something


If i remember correctly there is a g code to mirror an axis as well that would probably work

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in reply to: drd_808

Nothing of the sort in the new post. 

The older post is completely different. 

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Change the coordinate from -1 to 1

 var aAxis = createAxis({coordinate:0table:trueaxis:[100], range:[-360360], preference:1tcp:useTCP});


you will probably have to change use TCP to false too as i dont think most Mazak 4 axis machines support TCP


its above the axes, change the var useTCP to false

function defineMachine() {
  var useTCP = false;
  if (false) { // note: setup your machine here
    var aAxis = createAxis({coordinate:0, table:true, axis:[1, 0, 0], range:[-120, 120], preference:1, tcp:useTCP});
    var cAxis = createAxis({coordinate:2, table:true, axis:[0, 0, 1], range:[-360, 360], preference:0, tcp:useTCP});
    machineConfiguration = new MachineConfiguration(aAxis, cAxis);
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Looks to have worked, except I'm not sure the machines will like G68.2 and euler outputs vs. calling the axis/angles. Any idea on that? Machine's currently setup for production, so I can't check for a few days. 

output now looks like:

N25 T3 M6
N30 S1300 M3
N35 G90 G94 G17
N40 G54
N45 G0 I0. J-0.982542 K-0.186042
N50 M8
N55 G68.2 X0. Y0. Z0. I0. J100.722 K180.
N60 G53.1
N65 G0 X0.159 Y0.
N70 G69
N75 G43.5 H3
N80 G0 X-0.159 Y-1.8914 Z-0.3581 I0. J-0.982542 K-0.186042
N85 X-0.159 Y-1.4984 Z-0.2837 I0. J-0.982542 K-0.186042
N90 G1 X-0.159 Y-1.0739 Z-0.2033 I0. J-0.982542 K-0.186042 F13.333

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I have just checked on the standard Mazak post with the following changes:

  • set tcp off
  • change range to 0,360
  • make the axis cyclic

give nice axis only coordinates, with inverse time feed:



You should look into using a Machine definition rather than hard coding the axis info in the post, its much easier to get it to do what you want:


plus if you want you can create a machine for machine simulation

all the documentation is here: 


anyhow heres the attached modified post

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I can't find a decent document to explain machine setup with the new builder, for setting up a reversed rotary. I do need to look into using machine sim/def at some point (the machines is already in the library) It just seems to have a unpolished setup and lacking documentation. We're a job shop, I don't really have the time.

The edited post looks like a good start, but it still wants to use i/j/k for non-live positional moves on the a axis, and still will only post as if the rotary is inline with x+

I still can't seem to figure out how to reverse the axis and keep the setup wcs where it should be. 

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Hmm the latest Mazak post doesn't have the ability to turn off G68.2, which is pretty annoying.

I'll look into it later today

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in the post search for "useTiltedWorkplane" and set it to false, now it will position with axis angles rather than G68.2


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