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New geometry selection feels over complicated and cumbersome

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New geometry selection feels over complicated and cumbersome

I guess this is more feedback than a question. But does anybody else feel the new geometry selection is way more complicated than it needs to be? Something that used to take me one or two clicks is not taking 5-6 for simple geometry, and I can't seem to figure out exactly how it behaves. This was dropped when I needed to be productive and get a lot done, and now I'm spending 45 minutes trying to work out geometry selection on a part that would have taken me 10 minutes to get a program finished for. 
I get that you need change to move forward, but dropping this kind of change on paying customers who need to be getting things done is pretty unacceptable. In before "You are paying to beta test". I get it. 
All that being said, can someone point me to a good resource that explains the whys and hows of the new selection? I can't seem to find much.  

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This feedback is in line with a lot of other users, so you're not the alone in this view. We've heard all the feedback and are working on improving this experience for all users. What was rolled out was "Rev 1" of a much bigger project, and technical limitations prevented us from maintaining both methods of selection (one behind a Preview Flag). 

For a rundown on how it works, have you watched this?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thank you Seth, I actually missed that and will be taking the time to go over it and digest this more. I'm glad to hear this is only rev1. 
I'm all for improvement, but man sometimes this lands at the worst possible times and ends up costing a good bit of time, and by extension, money. It would be nice if we got a banner at the top saying "hey, selections are changing so you may want to look at this overview so your not blindsided".  I think we can all agree that a change in how selections are made is pretty significant. 

Anyways, thank you. I appreciate the response. 

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