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Nesting without nesting extension

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Nesting without nesting extension

Hello everyone!


I need help with a project I've been working on. I have a simple slotted slot that I need a dozen or so of. I'm using my friends plasma CNC, so everything is 'through'. 

I have the tool pathing on the individual piece, but is there a way to get a repeating pattern so I can program my G-code to cut out 12 or so?

The nesting extension seems dope, but it's hella expensive for my purposes. 

Does anyone have a workaround for this situation?

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If its a really simple design, Just "Rectangular pattern" yourself out the dozen pieces and set up your tool path that way. Pretty simple work around.
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This time they are slotted slots. Next month it could be more complicated. But, yes, I suppose I CAN lay out all the pieces, space them and set up the tool path for each piece. I was just curious to see if anyone knew any hints that could help make the journey easier. Like copying the same toolpath for each of my pieces so I don't need to individually select the inside loop, then the outside loop of each silhouette. 

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But thank you for the suggestion, I'll try it out ...

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Exactly this, but use a pattern in the Manufacturing workspace to copy the toolpaths, rather than a pattern in the Design workspace to copy the parts.

If you have multiple geometries the Arrange feature is also a pseudo-nesting tooling.
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As others have suggested, Pattern is what you're looking for here. Nesting and Arrange are well suited to fitting multiple identical or different components on a single sheet of stock, which doesn't sound like what you're trying to accomplish

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thank you! I will look into the Arrange function. Rectangular pattern did the trick.

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