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Nesting Grain Match/Component organization

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Nesting Grain Match/Component organization

Hey guys,

Has anyone come up with a good solution for grain matching components in a nest? I've tried a number of different methods, but coming back to it the only way it seems would be to do it manually which isn't really a solution.

Is this at all a consideration for the nesting suite? Is there perhaps an add-on solution??

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in reply to: TylerJ804

Could you describe in more detail the problem you are trying to solve?
I think that for example  a simple scenario would be very helpful to find a good workflow for you - like "I have 3 parts, each have different grain, I want to nest all of them on one sheet" etc.
I just need to have a deeper understanding to be able to help you. Any details will be very helpful.
Thank you in advance for your reply,

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in reply to: monika.romanska

Hey there @monika.romanska 

Thanks for your reply, I've attached a few screen shots to show my use case.

Basically, if I have a cabinet assembly with multiple panels, and they use a wood grained material with some sort of texture direction - a common design point is for all of the panels to be cut from the same panel, so that the grain of the wood all matches across the parts.

This isn't easily accomplished in Fusion outside of doing it manually. I did a quick arrange nest of the drawer fronts, and as you can see it aligns them randomly based on yield; which normally is fine but in this case it doesn't work for the design intent.

A proper grain match nest would look more like the third example image, where all of the parts retain the same alignment in the nest as they do on the model; but utilizing any spacing requirements set forth in the nesting parameters.

This is most definitely not the most effective use of material for the nesting engine, but sometimes it's required via the project so an option for grain matching would be fantastic.

I had posted another thread with many more suggestions/requests for nesting, if you are interested in taking a look.

Thanks for your time!

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in reply to: TylerJ804

Thank you for the detailed information, now I understand your point of view. You are right, for now it is difficult to get the desired effect with Fusion and the best option is to do it manually if you want to be sure that the parts have been related to the grain order.
One idea for a workaround is to position the parts manually and then use Sketch to arrange such a multi-body component as a single cluster among the other source components.

I've taken the liberty of presenting the problem you describe and proposed one idea for improving this workflow to my team, for now I can't promise anything, but they will certainly be aware of this limitation.

If you have any other thoughts on the subject, please let me know,


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