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Nesting Extension Comments/Wishlist

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Nesting Extension Comments/Wishlist

Here are a few things I've noticed and/or would like a process for in the Nesting Extensions.

  • Page numbers - Instead of constantly increasing the page number throughout the entire nest study, it would be helpful to have an option to set the page number to start from 1 with each material/sheet type.  Also keeping this number consistent after updating or re-generating so the sheet numbers don't continuously climb.  Maybe the use of revision numbers to show when it updates.
  • Grouping - An option to assign a group to certain components within a material, where the nest would keep those items on the same sheet where possible.  This would be useful to keep all the components that require a flip operation together, for example.
  • Nesting Warning - I seem to get a warning icon that says some components are too big to be nested that does not go away, even after the issue has been fixed.  I've had a few where I had to check multiple times to see if it actually didn't fit or if the error was just hanging out there.
  • Preferences - Having preferences that carry across different files within a team would be helpful.  For example a standard sheet size, material, nesting settings (edge and component spacing) so that these would not have to all get checked every time.
  • Move Components - An option to be able to transfer components between sheets would be awesome.  This would be in the case you need to slightly rearrange a nest and need to switch a component from one sheet to another.  I don't think copy and paste works and I haven't figured out another way to do it, even if it just placed the component at the origin and let you move it around in the edit manufacturing model window.

These are just a few things I've noticed that might be helpful to Autodesk or anyone using the extension.  If anyone has solutions to these issues I haven't figured out let me know!

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Drawings from MFG models, or ways to show folks which part came from which location.  This may be part of the nesting reports but I still don't have a solution for this.  Like, nesting is awesome if the sheet only has 1 part number on it, but what if we are nesting a bookcase onto a single sheet.

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Upvote for the idea to create preferences of the whole team! This would be greatly benefictial for our team as well.


The grouping idea would also be helpful for us. We often combine orders of clients on one material, and this would save a lot of sorting errors.

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