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Nesting and fabrication Mirror Function

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Nesting and fabrication Mirror Function

Howdy there all you smart people.

I was wondering if any one know how to utilize the mirror function located in the nesting section of fusion. basically we have left and right handed parts that we nest, but the issue is rather than designing both left and right the design team usually leave the creation of the opposite handing up to the production team, which is usually me. 

I have been using fusion for nesting and tool path creation for about 6 months now and am still finding it quite time consuming to go back and mirror each part to create the opposite handing. 

I have found a mirror option when I right click on a nest and select edit nest it brings up the attached menu. With in which I can see a mirror option. 

If any one knows how to or has used it please could you pass on the little secret. 


Much appreciated,





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Hi @dylan.brownQDSJD

I have used Fusion 360 Nesting & Fabrication Extension and I'm facing the same behavior. Please, were you able to enable the mirror option?

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