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Nesting and fabrication (12 issues id rather not have)

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Nesting and fabrication (12 issues id rather not have)

  • After making a nest preparation and part of the unit is updated or changed the nest preparation enables all the parts I have already excluded so I must redo the nest preparation again which also means l have to regenerate all my nests.
  • If I have to add or remove a part from the nest list when I update the nests it regenerates a new set of nested sheets that invalidate any setups I have created and programmed.
  • If I have more than 1 tool on a contour, I have to set the tool entry point on each tool path.
  • Each sheet must be programmed individually instead of programming all sheets at the same time.
  • Cannot print all the parts out to a unit on one sheet as a check list.
  • Setup sheet takes 8 clicks to print 1 sheet.
  • Cannot print multiple setup sheets from at the same time.
  • Cannot print multiple sheets on the same print.
  • No way of easily flipping a nested part.
  • I must manually rename every NC program.
  • Automatic naming doesn't copy to setups.
  • Standard sheets sizes and material is so award to set up
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in reply to: Dave_Ash

@Dave_Ash, thanks for the comments!

For the first point which is the nest preparation related, I just have a try to change the document unit or change the ignored parts to automatically, I didn't encounter the issue of existing nesting prep info get lost which needs to redo nest preparation.
Maybe there are some differences in my steps/data and yours or I missed something. Would you mind helping to provide reproduce steps and data or a video for it?

Thank you very much!

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