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Nested 3 Axis Router Z Height

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Nested 3 Axis Router Z Height

Hello all,


I'm having a hard time wording this to search.

I'm relatively new to the Nesting and Fabrication extension and processing for a 3-axis CNC router.  Working on a ShopSabre Pro 408 to process wood sheet and solid wood parts.


I'm having a slight issue with my cut through height on the machine.  I've played around with setting the Bottom Height in the Heights tab of the toolpath settings.  Anywhere from -0.008" to cut through and +0.020" to leave a skin.

Z=0 is set to bottom of stock, top of spoil board.

Pocket heights on the top surface are all coming out within reasonable tolerance of material variation.

My through cuts are consistently cutting deeper than I have set.  Even when the bottom height is set to 0.000" from stock bottom, the machine is still cutting 0.010"-0.015" into the spoil board.


I've been trying to research WCS and tool compensations, but I don't know if/how these relate to this issue.


Any insight and resources would be greatly appreciated, thank you!




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I don't think this is anything related to Nesting in general. Could you share your Fusion file?


Are you seeing this in the code or at the machine?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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@seth.madore I'm seeing this in the physical cut.  I have very little experience looking at code.  I opened a couple of the .tap files and searched for negative z values, but didn't see anything negative besides the drill operations.  A .f3z file is attached.  Again, this seems to be across the board, not file-specific.

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Are you sure that your tool isn't pulling out of the holder? Check your Z height on the tool before and after cutting to verify that it is the same.



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That's a good note to check.  I don't think it's anything with the bit or holder.  When the operator runs a program drawn in V-Carve at the machine, they're getting the desired cut-through depth.  It's only programs from Fusion that are cutting deeper.  I'll check the bits though.

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I've posted out all the setups that were in the file you shared. The lowest Z value is either .020" or 0", depending on the setup. None of them are going below that value. There's likely something going on in the machine/tool/offsets. 🤔

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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