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Need machine Swing head CNC A axis run on Mach3 simulation and post process

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Need machine Swing head CNC A axis run on Mach3 simulation and post process



I need a support from community.


I got 4 axis swing head(A axis) and rotary axis (B axis) CNC machine for foam milling. I bought this machine from China with bad service.


Please help me out to how to create proper machine for this CNC. I have tried several ways to create machine to run the swing head but it did not work.


I chose parallel 5 axis toolpath but i could not simulate the machine and generate Gcode.



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Not really enough information for your request, for example looking at the image of a machine it shows what looks like the Head A axis swivels around the CNC Y Axis but there is no B axis shown, is it fixed so that it rotates around the X axis.


To make life simpler there is actually no need to create a Machine Simulation, you can set a Mach3 PP to correctly move each axis as required and generate code but without the correct physical configuraion of the CNC being known then it can`t be done 🙂


For example, if you have setup the Mach3 PP correctly then in the Mach3 MDI area if you type in G0G90A45 your Head should swivel 45 degrees, have you tried this yet ??

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Here is a small test file that should load and run on Mach3 at your CNC, it is a small Face toolpath set at -45 degrees, a Drill toolpath set at -90 degrees and another Drill toolpath set at -45 degrees.

This should make the correct axis moves at your CNC, it loads to Mach3 and runs without error in my PC.


It should at least get that part of your CNC working, if it does then you can move forward to setting up a Rotary B axis later 🙂 🙂


The Post Processor used to generate the code is also attached, hope it is of some help to you 🙂

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