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Need ideas on machining sharp corners.

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Need ideas on machining sharp corners.

I'm trying to figure out how to get these sharp corners on this part I'm working on.  The part is Aluminum on a Haas 3axis.  They are all 45º angles with the tallest being .100".  I was thinking of first milling with an endmill with a corner chamfer then cleaning up the rest with a regular chamfer tool.  Just trying not to gouge the bottom of the chamfered corner. 

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How sharp is "sharp"? Can the customer allow for a R.01/R.02 fillet? 
I do similar parts (45 degree meeting a face) and regularly use Scallop or other 3D toolpaths and then follow up with a bull endmill (R.01) and use 3D Contour to remove the remaining stock. It's a bit slow of a process, due to the extremely small stepover that's granted with such a tool..

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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A fillet would be great, but they are sticking with a sharp which to me is ridiculous since I believe that is a waste area so it really shouldn't hurt to have a small rad.
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How about a 45deg draftmill?

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I was looking at those, but they don't go small enough on the 45-degree ones. There are a couple areas where I have to squeeze into a .020 groove with a 45 on each side.

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