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Need help with translating inspection results

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Need help with translating inspection results

I'm having trouble getting my inspection results coordinates to make any sense. I've got a NGC Haas mill and have live inspection working well. My program runs good but when I generate my report, the X, Y, and Z coordinates don't translate to anything I can understand.

My G54 is set in a known bore and my probe is hitting the side of a bracket. I would expect an X dimension of roughly negative 2 inches and a Y of negative 0.5 but the results come up with X positive 8.7 and Y positive 8.3. This is out of the travel of my machine in Y.

Anyone have any ideas where the results coordinates are based from if not G54?





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My guess is that those are your machine coords, second would be the origin of your actual model (in the design workspace) 

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All inspection results are displayed in CAD co-ordinates. We have spoke about making this user definable.


A work around for now would be to move the CAD in the design workspace to the document origin so its the same as the WCS for the setup.

Richard Stubley
Manager - Manufacturing Specialist Team

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