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Need help with post processor

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Need help with post processor

Hello guys, i was able to change woodwop post processor from mm to inches, however when i open the program in Woodwop 5.0 the toolpath has an offset value. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thankswoodwop.PNGwood cover.PNG

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Make sure you are using correct work origin.
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in reply to: AdamKunzo

Thanks for replying, the origin is in the right location. I have been using this post for years in millimeters and no issues, the issue shows up when posting in inches. I posted in mm.wood cover.PNG

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Interesting, for sure. Could you share your g-code here? I'm wondering if there is a hardcoded value that needs to be converted over to imperial values.

Oh, if you could share your post processor as well, that'd be great!

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hello and thanks for replying, here are the gcode and post processor in inches.

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This NC file has a combination of metric and imperial dimensions in it, which I suspect may be part of your problem. Curious that it seems to be only offset in X, and not scaled. in any direction.


In your first post you say that you were able to change the post from mm to inches - how did you achieve this? Did you modify the post yourself? And why did you make the change?


Take a look at the header sections below:

KM="Inch conversion"
KM="Part Length"
KM="Part Width"
KM="Stock Length"
KM="Stock Width"
KM="Stock Height"
KM="Part Offset X"
KM="Part Offset Y"

<100 \WerkStck\


In the latter section (WerkStck) L, W, & T are metric values but SL & SW are imperial values. All the co-ordinates for the path are imperial. POX and POY are both zero so units probably don't matter.


I'm familiar with woodWOP 7 rather than 5, so I'm not super clear on your process and how all these values are used unfortunately.

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Yes i modified the post processor to work in inches which i thought it would be a simple process. I changed it to imperial because we use inches at work in other words i don't have to grab my calculator to check the size of a metric program in inches when is open in Woodwop 5.01.PNG. I have a metric copy of this post processor which i have been using for years. If i change the part length from 323.85 to 12.75 and the part width from 101.6 to 4 the program scales propertly. You see the pic of the program in mm.

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In that case I'd say that the mismatch between units is definitely your issue, because woodWOP is being told the processed part size in metric (L/W/T) and the unprocessed part size (SL/SW) in inches, so much smaller. I suspect the reason it floats to the right in red is because it doesn't fit, rather than it being offset - that's a question for the woodWOP 5 documentation or for HOMAG.


The fix will be to further modify the post so that it outputs everything in inches, focusing on L/W/T. Obviously this also relies on you being able to tell the machine that it's processing in inches, or everything is going to come out 25.4x too small.

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Yeah, T is showing in inches which is good. I definitely need to figure out how to modify both part length and part width. I will run a test program to see if the machine recognizes it in inches.

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fusion1.PNGfusion2.PNGOkay i was able to figure it out, i am getting the correct scale in inches for part length and part width, also the feed in inches converted to metric in Woodwop. I ran a test piece and the machine was able to recognize the program in inches.😁👍. The only issue i have as of now is that i am getting the wrong scale when offsetting the part in Fusion 360.

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