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Need help Joining multiple parts together at angles

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Need help Joining multiple parts together at angles

Hi Team.


I'm extremely new to Fusion 360 or CAD software for that matter. I'm onto 5 days left of my 30 day trail and that's how long I've been learning CAD in my entire life so excuse my very messy workflow of design lol, it's just trail and error and probably doing the wrong thing but whatever has made it work sort of lol. My question is, how can I work out the proper angles and lengths plus hole location for the adjustable part of my design, I've added the export and have just made copies of the angles the backrest needs to be, 85, 45, 30, flat etc.. but how do I translate that onto the main frame with the support brackets it sits into and how can I visually join the arm and have it move when I change angles? if that makes sense lol.


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