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Need help creating a back facing boring bar.

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Need help creating a back facing boring bar.

I'm having trouble trying to create a back facing boring bar. I searched and found a post from 3 years ago but no specific work around was included. I would prefer to have the holder included but just need the insert if that's the only way to do it.


Any help is appreciated but please bear with me if I mess up this post. I'm not a computer guy.



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You have to cheat a little, this is as close as it gets since you cannot have negative values in custom tool configuration.

Adjust dimensions in sink with actual tool size and watch carefully for shank clearance in simulation.


2020-12-01 16_09_50-Settings.png

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I was able to fudge it some. Seems a bit ridiculous for a CAD/CAM software. I ended up reverting back to the old tool library as it ended up working better, for me. It's a left handed tool so reverse spindle direction. Also in the old tool library I was able to set the lead angle at -58 degrees. -55 because it's a 55 degree insert and the tool has a negative 3 degree lead angle. It's more for a functional toolpath than simulation so I'm not worried about the weird overhang from the insert.


It seems to me that as long as I've been using fusion, there's been pleading with Autodesk in the Idea Station to make available some way to upload tools from manufacturers that have 3D models available... Nothing. I wish they could make designing turning tools as easy as they've made the insert tab in the new tool library. Come on Fusion applications team, it's not rocket science. It's an industry standard for turning tools. I hope there are some machinists around the office with experience in actual machine shop practices. Ok, I'm done.






Screenshot (3).pngScreenshot (4).png

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Well, turning in Fusion leaves few things to imagination, in my examples, all tool paths are valid so difference between 35 and 55  degree diamond would be irrelevant unless there is undercutting that back of the tool needs to clear.

Typically, cutting tip radius and tool orientation is all that matters with related few settings in tool definition.

I am still on old tool library as most things I need to do are being accommodated without much guessing.

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