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Need help choosing correct toolpath

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Need help choosing correct toolpath

This is a vacuum plate for my CNC and I'm having trouble selecting the most efficient toolpath. I can't get slot to work and I did a test piece with 2d contour, which worked but was inefficient and each square had to be selected individually. Thanks for the help. 


The gap is 6.3mm which is the same as the tool. I decreased the size of tool to 6.29mm but it didn't solve anything. 

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The easiest way to do this is do one 2D Contour for the outer profile

Then select just one of the grid squares in another 2D Contour and then pattern it.


You can do that by right clicking on the toolpath and selecting add to new pattern

Screenshot 2023-09-11 114537.png


I have also made the toolpath ramp in so there is no chance of the lead ins gouging the model, and turned the lead out off for the same reason.


See attached file

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This is great. Is there a way to keep the tool from retracting after each pattern? 

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No there isn't, because its patterning an instance of the toolpath there would be no way of knowing where to go between them without gouging the model.


bear in mind the ramp heights and feeds etc may not be correct for your application, I just put them on there as an example

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