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Need a post processor for KinetiC-NC

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Need a post processor for KinetiC-NC

Hi All,


I have a CNC Step High Z S-1000T cnc and it uses a program called KinetiC-NC to control the cnc machine. I usually use a different program to make .nc programs for the controller but I wanted to start using Fusion 360 as it has more options for using a 4th axis and such. Is there a post processor for KinetiC-NC already or can someone from the fusion team create one for me? 


Thanks, Emmet 

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How about providing us with some sample programs so we have something more to go on? Dump them in a .zip file and attach it to your next reply



Seth Madore
Owner, Liberty Machine, Inc.
Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.
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in reply to: LibertyMachine



Attached are simple programs that are posted to KinetiC-NC

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in reply to: EmmetS

It seems rather straight forward, although there are a few things to note:

1) In your samples, none of them have more than one G code on a line at a time:


Second, you also have no "H" call out. Does your machine not use height offset?


Lastly, all 3 samples are simple G1 moves, even for features that should have arc moves. Does your machine NOT support radius moves? 

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I noticed that one of the samples I gave has arc's in the drawing...the post processor must not support arc's. (The program is till smooth and doesn't stop a million times while doing an arc). 


Also, I don't know what you mean by height offset? 


I hope this helps. 

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in reply to: EmmetS

Hi Emmet, 


I am working with the same machine that you have, the CNC Step High Z S-1000T and i am  using the program KinetiC-NC. I would like to know if you found the right post processor for Kinetic NC. If so, I would be glad if you shared your information with me. 

Thank you 



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in reply to: g_EBJGG

Hi Stephan,

Unfortunately, I haven't found a post yet but I also haven't tried the
solutions that were provided in other threads. I am asking the person who
sold me the machine if they can provide a post for Fusion as I have gotten
a program from them once.

If I can get a post, I will update this.

Thanks, Emmet

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I also have this same issue.  Somewhere I read that the post processer for the kinetic NC is based on the Benezan BeamIcon2. I have not verified this but am looking at generating code with it and doing some comparison.  

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in reply to: madmaxdc

I found a post that works with my 720T model, but I am having issues with the Z-Axis offset.  Has anyone been successful with this yet?  Attached is the post that I found on this forum.  Apparently it comes from CNC Step in Germany.

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