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Need a 4th Axis Post for a DIY Machine with Mach 4

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Need a 4th Axis Post for a DIY Machine with Mach 4

I've read a lot of threads and seem to only come up with posts and info about posts for machines that are manufactured. I have a home built router and want to run a 4th axis. Ive been looking at many threads on how to edit a post to suit but not being a coder am not having much success.


Wondering how I go about getting hold of a Mach 4 Post that will publish a program for my 4th Axis. I cant afford the machining extension but I do want to use the wrap and indexing options.


I also need to set it to rotate in the Y Axis not the normal X


An alternative is pointing me in the direction of a good page I use to help me make the edits I need too on the original Mach 4 Mill post. But I have not had much success in the past. 

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If you want send me a message, I offer post processor modification as a service and I can help you to customize post processor for your home built machine.

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Try the attached Post Processor, it is one I used a while ago for Mach4 with wrapped toolpaths and I have set it to rotate around the Y axis for you, just give it a try, carefully, may work for you 🙂 🙂

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Hi many thanks for the post it worked enough to post a program which I was unable too last night.


I see its a B Axis output which I will setup. So for us who cant afford the machining extension, there appears to be no problem indexing and using the 3D operations by using the Tool Orientation Tab, and a new op for each side. Sorry - 4th Axis is new to me so hope that is the correct way to get things going. I have a lot of parts that need flipping 3-4 times this will be huge for me. Besides, my CAD drawings are not advanced enough for anything more than that, just part flipping on a 4th Axis.


Many thanks.



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Yes you don't need extension for positional machining.


You can also use wrapped contour or adaptive clearing for your rotary axis. That does not require machining extension.
But it cannot deal with cyclic (360 degrees) geometry and it's basically 2,5+1 toolpath.

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Ok. Far out. Great. I only make parts in quantities 1 to 4 max (normally) that are complex needing to be flipped so many times. This is huge for me. Also huge because my probe only works about 50% of the time which makes flipping a not-so-nice exercise. But thats another case for another day lol

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Hi. I have an other quick question. My 4th axis has a brake, which will be operated by a separate hydraulic system needing a command to unlock/lock. I think M10 on M11 Off.


Is the post responsible for this and do I need to edit it to do that? (novice)

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You can also try out the Haas NGC w/ axis post. Most things should be the same.

My post has 

if (machineConfiguration.isMultiAxisConfiguration() && (machineConfiguration.getNumberOfAxes() >= 4)) {
writeBlock(operationNeedsSafeWorkPlane ? "/" : "", mFormat.format(10)); // lock 4th-axis motion
if (machineConfiguration.isMultiAxisConfiguration() && (machineConfiguration.getNumberOfAxes() >= 4)) {
writeBlock(operationNeedsSafeWorkPlane ? "/" : "", mFormat.format(11)); // unlock 4th-axis motion

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Hi. Thanks a bunch for that I tried it out but for some reason it errored. The Post Engineguy put up has been the one I am working with, I actually made my 4th axis move with a program last night. Went in the house told my family, received the normal yawns of boredom and carried on.


Sorry I am really not a post writer, would it be easy enough to insert those lines of code to make my brake come on/off calling a M? To be honest though, the axis I have is tight, and a 1/60 gearing. With the motor holding it I dont know if I really need a brake. Although there will come a day I expect.

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Guys would anyone know how to pop the M10 brake M11 release into my post that Engineguy kindly uploaded? Gee I read the post scripting manual and yeh, bit too much for this old chestnut.


But hey if there is a different portion of the forums that might be the way. Im just stoked to see a rotating component on my machine so still pretty happy about that tbh

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Like this?

G0 B30.
G0 X1.5828 Y1.1912
G43 Z1.5748 H2
G1 Z0.8465 F39.4
G19 G2 Y1.1676 Z0.8229 J-0.0236 K0.
G1 Y-1.1036
G2 Y-1.1272 Z0.8465 J0. K0.0236
G0 Z1.5748

G28 G91 Z0.
G0 B0.


Post processor is attached 🙂

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Aw.....  just like that indeed. Awesome and thanks, thanks to all infact. Im stoked.

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