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NCSTUDIO Error: "Arc/Circle radius error over-limit, Please check NC-code or parameter setting"

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NCSTUDIO Error: "Arc/Circle radius error over-limit, Please check NC-code or parameter setting"

Hoping someone can help.


Hi All,


I'm getting this error fairly often with 3D parallel toolpaths, particularly when the pass angle is set to 90 deg.


The error is "Arc...." in this post the error appears at line 04849 of the attached "Saturday Morning"




NCStudio version is "NCStudio V8 Router Motion Control System", "Version 8.545"


The model with the toolpath is attached via this link




Any ideas? @HughesTooling  , I think I saw you answer a similar question??






David Harrison
Harrison Classic Boats

Win 10 / I7-11700K @ 4.9GHz / 64Gb RAM / SSD's
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in reply to: David_HCB

These types of errors are usually caused by rounding errors or divide by zero, in my case, I've seen a few controls spit the dummy with arc moves not working out mathematically somehow.


Ideally the control will identify what line or block it is failing on to help identify the cause...


Looking at the NC file you attached, in the first few lines of the Parallel operation it is calling G2/G3 arc moves in the G19 plane (YZ plane) but not including radius values. That would be my first guess as to the problem, as it would line up with you getting issues with the pass direction at 90 degrees, since the lead in arcs will fit to the G19 plane.




My guess is it's to do with your post processor outputting those moves without radius values... might be something you can fix for good or work around, depending on the state of your post processor and your willingness to edit it.

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in reply to: matty.fuller

Hi Matty,


Thanks for the input. I was using the standard post processor from Autodesk, was version 44069. I notice there is an upgrade to 44083 to installed that and ran the code build again. Below is the same section for "Parallel 1" - slightly different line number, and my stock was slightly different but as you can see the "same code".


Bottom line is no real difference. It added the feed rate code but that's all.


@seth.madore Do you think this is a bug? and should it be lodged. It happens to me sometimes on 3d Parallel and also 3D adaptives.


'Parallel 1
G0 X34.499 Y109.784
G1 Z0.599 F2000
G19 G2 Y109.211 Z0 F3000
G3 Y106.691 Z-1.372
G2 Y62.625 Z-11.687
Y52.262 Z-1.294
G3 Y49.789 Z0.001
G1 Y49.724 Z0.009

David Harrison
Harrison Classic Boats

Win 10 / I7-11700K @ 4.9GHz / 64Gb RAM / SSD's
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in reply to: David_HCB

Looking in the post you have 3 options for arc moves ABS IJK Incremental IJK and R. Personally I'd never use R as it's less accurate than using IJK so have you tried using IJK and do you know if your machine uses ABS or incremental arc centers? Shouldn't be too difficult to test on a simple rectangle with fileted corners.



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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